All about Munnar


Munnar is an idyllic town found in the south of India, nestled in the Idduki district of Kerala. The name Munnar supposedly is taken from the Malayalam words Munu and aaru which mean three and river, respectively. The earliest known inhabitants of Munnar were Tamilians and Malayalis. The closest city is Adimali or, what locals refer to as, Adivaaram.

Munnar is generally known for its sprawling tea plantations which can be attributed to J.D. Munro, who, in the 1870s, realized the crop growing potential of the land while hunting, and leased about 600 sq km of land from Poonjar Raja who had control over the land. After trying several crops, the first settlers of the area recognized that tea is the ideal product to be cultivated. The first tea was cultivated by A.H. Sharp at Parvathi, now found in the Sevenmullay estate. In the years 1893 to 1895, the concession area was bought by Muir and Company, later to be known as James Finlay & Company. In 1897, the Finlay estates were being supervised by Kannan Devan Hills Produce Company, the same company that oversees the management of about 16 estates today.
As a "tea town", Munnar has been predominantly inhabited by plantation laborers. In time, however, this quaint, picturesque town, which is joined together by three rivers (Muthirappuzha, Nallathanni and Kundaly), with its stunning scenery, invigorating climate, diverse and thriving flora and fauna, sealed its fate as a premiere tourist destination for its local and foreign travelers, consequently significantly increasing the number of tourism-related jobs.

Tips for travelers to visit Holiday Heaven in Munnar, Kerla, India - The most excellent time to visit is between September to May. However, even in the rainy season, views at the streams and brooks are still as enthralling. - If you are into reflective trekking, the quiet hiking trails are conducive for contemplative, "me-time" moments. - Stock on film, rechargeable batteries, memory sticks as you go on sightseeing, you would not want to miss capturing those panoramic sights. - Wear light and comfortable clothes and hiking shoes/boots for you'll be doing a lot of leisure walking. - Restaurants serve the best and flavorful meals, but they come far and between and are usually found in hotels, so make sure you bring with you some snacks to munch as you travel. 

With its celebrated hospitality and first-rate tourist-friendly conveniences, Munnar has become one of the preferred places where people go to unwind, destress or to simply explore the seeming limitless beauty of nature.

So, what are you waiting for, Munnar's Holiday Heaven awaits? Munnar is truly an enchanting place, a never-ending soothing adventure, and if at all, an experience worth remembering in this lifetime. For booking and reservations, you may call us at Holiday Heaven: 04868 249 958 / 04868 249 970.