Pleasurable Activities for Travelers at Holiday Heaven

Holiday Heaven in Munnar is accessible by car from Nedumbasserry International Airport in Kochi. Holiday Heaven can assist you with travel arrangements from the airport which is approximately 3 ½ hours of travel time. Munnar is considered to be one of the places that display an exceptional picture of nature. The surrounding reveals its beauty; the refreshing sound of the lake, the soothing air of the forest, and the untainted appearance of the landscapes. Munnar was a favorite summer destination especially by the British during the colonial period. Since then, Munnar has been a popular vacation spot.

Several recreation activities were developed in Munnar as the tourists grew in number. Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, you are sure to find an activity that you can venture during your stay at Holiday Heaven.


The most common leisure activity tourists and residents alike venture in is boating. The famous "Kashmiri – Shikara" boat ride in Kundala Lake in Munnar is one fun experience that you shouldn't pass up on. For the couples, this boat ride is especially romantic since the boat travels to both sides simultaneously while passing by the beautiful scenery around. For your safety, boat rides in Kundala Lake are done during a favorable weather.

Boating in Anayirangal Dam

When you have toured about 7 kilometers from Chinnakanal, you reach Anayirangal. A trip on the wonderful reservoir is an unforgettable experience. The Anayirangal dam is surrounded by tea plantations and evergreen forests. The name anayirangal —anay means elephant-irangal means -coming down. That means “elephants coming down place”. This place got the name because elephants come down in to that lake, from the forests connecting the lake. The reservoir and its picturesque surroundings attract many who visit Munnar. Recently boating facility has been added in Anayirangal reservoir. Anayirangal area is ideal to see wild elephants and spectacular beauty.


Munnar has an exceptional mountainous profile because of its wave of mountains and tea garden. For the outdoor devotees, it has been accounted as one of the best trekking places in the South of India. Trekking may be tiring, but being in bond with the wilderness is a self fulfilling trip.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling

An ideal intense activity in Munnar is rock climbing. For extreme sports fans, t your stamina and challenge the rock faces of Munnar Mountains. The youth, on the other hand, may take a chance in rappelling. Rappelling gives you the experience of both mountaineering and rock climbing. Get prepared to feel the adrenalin rush as you descend the rock through a sheer vertical drop clinging onto safety rope!

Walking / Cycling / Mountain biking

For your daily dose of exercise, you may explore the solemnity of Munnar by talking walks or with the use of a bicycle. The foothills have walkways that you can traverse or cycle around. Bicycle rentals are available in shops within the vicinity.Munnar, perched on the roof of the Ghats is well known for its cool climate, unspoilt beauty, peace and tranquillity, there are walks to suit everyone - through gently rolling countryside, over high grassland, along river valleys or beside some of the finest stretches of rainforest and breathtaking views to be found anywhere in South India. There is a variety of stunning and picturesque trekking trails in Munnar plateau, some with high grassland, tea and spice plantations, rainforest, wildlife and challenging cliffs and craters.Many of the trails link up to form a network of trails for multiple days trekking, also providing opportunities to do a shorter day or half day walks.

Tea Garden Visits

The Munnar Tea Gardens are a must visit while you are in Holiday Heaven, Munnar. One can walk through these picturesque tea gardens which are filled with rich and scented fragrance of tea. You can also spot Neelakurinji, a flower that blooms every 12 years while taking a walk through these tea gardens. One also gets an opportunity to see the picking of the tea leaves and its processing in the factories on the visit. Tourist can also pick these leaves and take them back home as a souvenir of wonderful holiday. Tourists can also capture on camera beautiful flora and fauna while taking a walk through these gardens. One may meet with the rare species of mountain goat Nilgiri Tahr or Ibex, elephants, tigers, and lion tailed macaque, flying squirrel, Nilgiri wood pigeon and many more while on trips to these gardens. Old-fashioned cottages, fragrant tea gardens and mist-draped mornings are hallmarks of Munnar that affords a serenity and tranquility. So capture the beauty of morning dew drops and unusual fauna at MunnarTea Gardens and feel nature in its purest form at MunnarTea Gardens are open from early morning to evening.

Plantation Tours

After a day of strenuous activities, ease off and luxuriate in the Holiday Heaven villas. Revive your strength with the peaceful surrounding and get ready for another day of adventure.
Munnar is known for its production of tea plants. With years of success, the tea business has expanded the tea plantations and is opened for the public to see. Feed your mind with knowledge about processing of tea from the gardens.
Tea Plantations contribute to the Munnar’s scenic beauty to the most. To make your stay memorable and eternal it is essential to experience the scent and taste of traditional tea making. While walking through the tea estate the beauty and smoothness of the mist rolling out the soft slopes of the plantation hills make you feel at heaven. A walk through the tea plantations in the cool climate and cherishing the stimulating fragrance rising from the tea plants would definitely be an invigorating experience.
Munnar has an abundance of Cardamom plantations. The first plantations were established by British colonists in the 19th century and this is where a lot of today’s green cardamom and black cardamom come from. Cardamom has been traded in India for at least 1000 years. It was known as the queen of spices, black pepper being the king. Cardamom is grown in Munnar under the shade of tall forest trees. Cardamom is a perennial and herbaceous plant. Cardamom has a pleasant aroma and the delectable taste .Cardamom has a special place in the Kerala cuisine. It is essential for desserts. Cardamom and its powder form are used as flavouring agents around the world. It is also used in baked foods and sweets.
Cardamom oil and oleoresin are used as flavouring agents in processed food and also for the preparation of some ayurvedic medicines and for manufacturing perfumes. Walking through the cardamom plantations rejuvenates and energizes our souls.